486400_3613444140988_929355000_nHi, my name is Tania Walsh AKA LadyApplebox, I’m a Writer, Film Director, and an Artist.

If I recall, I started writing stories when I was still a young girl and got my first typewriter when I was four. When I was six years old I won a competition; the prize was a Polaroid camera. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use it often as the film cartridge was expensive and because of that, my mum would only let me take a few photos a day. I remember it all like it was just yesterday after I take a picture of an object or an event, I then afterward start writing about my journey, I think that is when I became serious about my story telling.

When computers came along, there were helpful programs which could spellcheck for you. I was delighted, I thought the days of looking thru the dictionary to check the proper spelling are over, and I’ll just keep on typing and not worry about spelling anymore but alas I stopped writing. I fell in love, married and started my family at an early age.
I’ve gotten back writing stories when I turned Thirty. I began to build Grace, a character of my story but I wasn’t able to finish her as I was searching for inspiration, looking for another avenue to make me continue writing but I had nothing, that’s when I decided to venture the realms of arts and media.
It was incredible, it expanded my artistic horizon, and I’ve made a couple of short films with my friends while I was at it. I found the whole process of filmmaking enjoyable and intriguing, so I enrolled myself at New Zealand Film and Television School to enhance my knowledge of filmmaking and learn the ropes about what goes on behind the scene.
After my studies, I went back to Taranaki, go back to my roots and finally finish what I’ve started long ago, and surprisingly enough I even manage to finish a whole book, titled postcards from heaven. The story is about Grace a Maori girl who loses her culture identity in another country and is reminded to have self-belief through a postcard sent from home, please click this link to find more, you are also able to find a copy at the National Library.
Another one I also accomplished was finishing my story about Grace, it took me fifteen years to achieve this, but I finally did it.
I have been on a Journey with Grace for 15 years now I bring her to you in a film, hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.